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Cranberry Dance
Cranberry Dance
About Cranberry Dance

Community Need
Cranberry Dance was formed for the purpose of educating and encouraging
people in the Cranberry Township area to get out on the dance floor, improve
their health and  to have fun.

Cranberry Dance was initiated by Juliann Z Tasick. Juliann moved to Cranberry
Township from Syracuse, NY in 2008 and found that there was very little
opportunity to dance in the area. She often traveled to Pittsburgh 3 times a week
to attend dances and to take classes. Although she loved what Pittsburgh had to
offer, she started to investigate ways to improve the dancing opportunities in the
Cranberry Township area.

Juliann approached Cranberry Township Parks and Recreation about teaching
Social Ballroom and they hopped on the bandwagon with enthusiasm. To
continue spreading the opportunities, she started classes at the Harmony
Museum, as well. And finally, the Cranberry Township Parks and Recreation, with
Juliann, started the “Not Just Ballroom” Dance open to all who want to benefit
from dancing.
What Is Offered

Currently, Cranberry Dance offers private dance. Lessons are ideal for those
preparing for a wedding, just retired and needed an activity to maintain their
health and for enjoyment. The private lessons take place at Juliann's home in
Cranberry Township. From time to time you will also find Cranberry Dance
providing free dance lessons at the start of dances in the area.