Calvin Singles' Dance
Let's start with our DJ, Tom Menchyk
He keeps us Swinging
American Heart Association Heart Ball

Doctor Ned Bugarija and Juliann Tasick
performed "Beauty School Drop-out" from
Grease. Ned was Frankie Avalon and Juliann
was Frenchie. Above is Juliann and Ned
holding winners trophy.
"Nothing But Latin" Dance
at the Harmony Museum,
Stewart's Hall
Let's Dance!
Cranberry Dance group performed at the Sleepy Hollow Fest in Harmony.
Richard Weber, Marilyn Lobert, Victor Sellers, Karen Hungerford, John Grec, Kim Johnson
and Director Juliann Z. Tasick.
Winners of the costume contest at the
"Ballroom Swings" Dance at the
Harmony Museum.
Dennis/Eva Maschak, Victor Sellers,
Marilyn Lobert and Rachel/Ron Lapina.